From the Wisdom of King Solomon

  • Acquitting the guilty is as evil as condemning the innocent.
  • Pride precedes a fall.
  • Gossip separates the best of friends.
  • It is better to be patient than powerful.
  • Self control is better than conquering a city.
  • Wisdom is more valuable than gold.
  • Unfailing love and faithfulness make up for many mistakes.
  • Kind words are like honey.
  • When fools keep their mouths closed, they seem intelligent.
  • There are “friends” who destroy each other; but a true friend is closer than a brother.
  • Wealth makes many “friends”.
  • Only fools insist on quarreling.
  • Don’t trap yourself by making rash promises.
  • God is more pleased when we do what is right and just than when we offer sacrifices.
  • The violence of the wicked sweeps them away because they refuse to do what is just.
  • Justice is a joy to the godly but it terrifies wrongdoers.
  • It is better to live alone in the desert than with a quarrelsome, complaining wife.
  • Choose a good reputation over great riches.
  • Those who plant injustice will harvest disaster.

About hanaawahba

Dr. Hanaa Wahba was born and educated in Cairo, Egypt. After her BA, she started a teaching career that she is still pursuing. In 2002, she completed her PhD in Education from the University of Kensington, USA. Throughout her teaching career, Dr. Wahba, worked in a number of schools and private universities, taught ESL, English Literature, supervised and developed curricula and directed schools. Her career extended to teacher training and corporate career development. From 1993 till 2002, Dr. Wahba was employed by the University of Cambridge (UCLES), where she gained first-hand experience of setting exams and marking scripts for IGCSE, an experience that she communicated to many young teachers who joined the field. In 2009, Dr. Wahba published her first book that was very well-received by the media and proved very popular among readers. Her following book “Marwa’s Birthday” is a novel about women’s life in Egypt.
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3 Responses to From the Wisdom of King Solomon

  1. Magdi Shoucri says:

    The proverb of Salomon are copied for the egyptian proverb of Amenemope. There are generations of egyptian scribes who have been exercising using these proverbs over close to 2000 years

  2. Elham Mahmoud says:

    Should be read hundred of times and always kept it mind….

  3. Your choice of these wise sayings of king Solomon is very intelligent and timely, thanks

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