Five-minute Read 8, Hanaa Wahba

1. Members of SCAF had the chance to be national heroes. They chose to be traitors, kill young peaceful demonstrators, hand the country without a constitution to the Muslim Brotherhood.

2. Within the first 50 days of his rise to power, Morsi got rid of Tantawy. Hard luck Mr. Tantawy.

3. Synonyms of Tantawy: traitor, coward, self-serving oportunist; ended a clown

4.  Arab tyrants:

Saddam Hussein: faced the firing squad in 2003

Zein el Abedine Ben Ali: a fugitive as of 2011 after being tried in absentia and sentenced to 35 years in prison

Gaddafi: beaten to death by rebels on 20 October, 2011

Mubarak: sentenced to life imprisonment in June 2011 and is detained in prison

Bashar al Assad: is trapped by death, trial for crimes against humanity or running for his life!

Ali Abdulla Saleh: in a traumatic struggle for survial since January 2011

5. Has anyone learned the lesson?

6. Sons of Arab tryrants:

Saddam Hussein’s Qusay and  Uday ( killed in 2003)

Mubarak’s Gamal and Alaa (in custody at Tora prison since April 13, 2011)

Hafez el Assad’s Bashar trapped by his violence, and  Maher (not seen since July 2012)

Gaddafi’s Saif al Islam (1972- detained in Lybia awaiting his trial in September 2012), Al Saadi (1973- was granted assylm in Niger in September 2011), Mutassim (1977-2011) Hannibal ( 1975- fled to Algeria in August 2011) Muhammad (1970- fled to Algeria in August 2011)

7. Alleged wealth of Arab tyrants according to Swiss Banks:

Mubarak: between $40 and $70 billion
Funds abroad:
Hosni Mubarak: $10 billion
Suzanne Mubarak: $5 billion
Gamal Mubarak: $17 billion
Alaa Mubarak: $ 8 billion

Ben Ali: $7.8 billion

Saddam Hussein: $2 billion

Gaddafi: more than $200 billion

Bashar al Assad: $122 billion

Ali Abdulla Saleh: $35 billion

About hanaawahba

Dr. Hanaa Wahba was born and educated in Cairo, Egypt. After her BA, she started a teaching career that she is still pursuing. In 2002, she completed her PhD in Education from the University of Kensington, USA. Throughout her teaching career, Dr. Wahba, worked in a number of schools and private universities, taught ESL, English Literature, supervised and developed curricula and directed schools. Her career extended to teacher training and corporate career development. From 1993 till 2002, Dr. Wahba was employed by the University of Cambridge (UCLES), where she gained first-hand experience of setting exams and marking scripts for IGCSE, an experience that she communicated to many young teachers who joined the field. In 2009, Dr. Wahba published her first book that was very well-received by the media and proved very popular among readers. Her following book “Marwa’s Birthday” is a novel about women’s life in Egypt.
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One Response to Five-minute Read 8, Hanaa Wahba

  1. Reda says:

    Amazing sum of money, and the people are very poor.

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