Five-minute-read, 2

1. “Piles and piles of garbage everywhere, where on earth could I be?”

“Welcome to Cairo”.

2. Constitution is the outcome of the fight between SCAF and Brotherhood.

3. Muslim Brotherhood gave out food to a poor people for 80 years and kept it poor!

4. Unemployed?

Wear a beard and come for an interview.

5. Driving is a nightmare if you observe traffic rules; otherwise it is a wild goose chase.

6. Deny yourself no luxury you can afford to enjoy, soon someone else will waste it without remorse.

7. Om Kothloum is the luckiest Arab singer: none of her audience was veiled or bearded.

8. Officially there is one Mofti in Egypt but 80 millions are competing to issue their own fatwas.

9. Street vendors earned the full and undivided rights of Jan 25 revolution.

10. As long as people die, liberty is close.

About hanaawahba

Dr. Hanaa Wahba was born and educated in Cairo, Egypt. After her BA, she started a teaching career that she is still pursuing. In 2002, she completed her PhD in Education from the University of Kensington, USA. Throughout her teaching career, Dr. Wahba, worked in a number of schools and private universities, taught ESL, English Literature, supervised and developed curricula and directed schools. Her career extended to teacher training and corporate career development. From 1993 till 2002, Dr. Wahba was employed by the University of Cambridge (UCLES), where she gained first-hand experience of setting exams and marking scripts for IGCSE, an experience that she communicated to many young teachers who joined the field. In 2009, Dr. Wahba published her first book that was very well-received by the media and proved very popular among readers. Her following book “Marwa’s Birthday” is a novel about women’s life in Egypt.
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2 Responses to Five-minute-read, 2

  1. Maggie says:

    Lovely..I love Five minutes 2. Your views & description of Egypt’s current situation is so true. Keep it waiting for 3

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