Five Minutes

  1. The greatest enemies to democracy are illiteracy and the abuse of religious discourse.
  2. Muslim Brotherhood and SCAF need marriage counseling.
  3. Wealth should not be measured by the amount of possessions amassed but by productivity.
  4. In First World countries, a suspect is innocent until proven guilty; in Egypt it is the opposite.
  5. Medical care in Egypt may cost you a fortune or your dignity.
  6. The choice is between: emergency law or no law!
  7. Justice threatens a dictator.
  8. Violations taken for granted:
  • Deafening loud speakers calling for prayers
  • Already congested roads are blocked by traffic policemen to check IDs and driving licenses
  • No laws govern relations between people; survival for the thugs!
  • Torture at police stations for the under-privileged
  • Lies on TV and radio at all times of the day!!
  • The SCAF is always right
  • Muslim Brotherhood is always right
  • Mubarak, Morsi = traffic blockage
  • Mubarak, Morsi = young soldiers standing on both sides of the road ready for a sunstroke
  • Mubarak, Morsi = formidable cordon of guards
  • Mubarak, Morsi = retinue of wealthy businessmen becoming wealthier
  • “All Egyptians are equal but some Egyptians are more equal than others.” (adaptation of Orwell’s last commandment in “Animal Farm”)

9. Tourism of jallabeyia in Sharm el Sheikh

10. Ideologies survive weapons of destruction.

About hanaawahba

Dr. Hanaa Wahba was born and educated in Cairo, Egypt. After her BA, she started a teaching career that she is still pursuing. In 2002, she completed her PhD in Education from the University of Kensington, USA. Throughout her teaching career, Dr. Wahba, worked in a number of schools and private universities, taught ESL, English Literature, supervised and developed curricula and directed schools. Her career extended to teacher training and corporate career development. From 1993 till 2002, Dr. Wahba was employed by the University of Cambridge (UCLES), where she gained first-hand experience of setting exams and marking scripts for IGCSE, an experience that she communicated to many young teachers who joined the field. In 2009, Dr. Wahba published her first book that was very well-received by the media and proved very popular among readers. Her following book “Marwa’s Birthday” is a novel about women’s life in Egypt.
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